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Abu Gholeh, Magdalena, Wroclaw University (Poland)
Anisimova, Anna, PhD candidate, Irkutsk State Technical University, Faculty of Business and Management, Institute of World Economics (Russian Federation)
Arts, Kees, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Netherlands)


Białas-Zielińska, Klaudyna, Wroclaw University (Poland)
Bilenko, Yuriy, Ivan Franko National University in Lviv (Ukraine)
Brzozowski, Wojciech, PhD, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw (Poland)
Budzianowska, Dobrosława, Wroclaw University (Poland)


Caroli, Paolo, Phd Candidate in the Doctoral Programme of Comparative and European Legal Studies, University of Trento, Italy (Italy)
Cendrowicz, Dominika, Wroclaw University (Poland)
Chrisidu-Budnik, Agnieszka, PhD, Assistant Professor of Management and Administration Science, Institute of Administrative Studies, University of Wrocław (Poland)
Cossiri, Angela, University of Macerata (Italy)


Ćwiąkała-Małys, Anna, Wroclaw University (Poland)


De Wit, Daniel, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Netherlands)
Dębska, Hanna, Ph.D. in law with distinction (Jagiellonian University); Ph.D candidate in sociology (University of Warsaw), Assistant Professor at the Pedagogical University in Kraków. (Poland)
Dela, Mirosław, Wroclaw University (Poland)
Di Cosimo, Giovanni, University of Macerata (Italy)
Dolata, Tomasz, Wroclaw University (Poland)
Duraj, Marta, LLM (Wroclaw University) (Poland)
Duszka-Jakimko, Hanna (Poland)
Dybał, Mariusz (Poland)
Dybał, Mariusz, University of Wroclaw, Institute of Economic Sciences (Poland)


Fedorowicz, Magdalena (Poland)
Filipowski, Oskar, University of Wrocław Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics, Institute of Administrative Law, solicitor (Poland)


Gailiūtė, Dovilė (Lithuania)
Garnuszek, Anita, PhD candidate at the Department of International Private and Commercial Law, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw (Poland)

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